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For the swing drive of all types of excavators and cranes, for ship unloading equipment
for forestry equipment and for all applications where precise positioning is necessary
Output torques from 20 to 450 kNm
Ratios from 3 to 400
In a word ,lighter weight , larger torque ,specific versions available on request
  • Compact two- or three-stage planetary gearboxes
  • Cageless planetary gear bearing Integrated multi-disc parking brake
  • Easy mounting
  • Low-noise operation
  • Easy oil change

Type/version   Ratio
CXD£¨DP,DC£©     3.15£¬3.55£¬4£¬4.5£¬5£¬5.6£¬6£¬6.3£¬7.1£¬8£¬9£¬10£¬11.2£¬12.5£¬14£¬16£¬18
CXL£¨LP,LC£©   16£¬18£¬20£¬22.4£¬25£¬28£¬31.5£¬35.5£¬40£¬45£¬50£¬56£¬63£¬71£¬80£¬90£¬100£¬112£¬125£¬140£¬160£¬180£¬200£¬224£¬250
CXS   112£¬125£¬140£¬160£¬180£¬200£¬225£¬250£¬280£¬315£¬355£¬400
Type/version   CXD250 CXD300 CXD350 CXD400 CXD450
Output torque T max KNm 20 27 50 70 120
Ratio i 3¡ª8
Weiqht(without motor) kg 130 260 355 445 620
Type/version   CXD500 CXD550 CXD600 CXD800 CXD950
Output torque T max KNm 140 200 250 300 450
Ratio i 3¡ª8
Weiqht(without motor) kg 948 1280 2000 4500 6600
Notice£ºspecific versions available on request
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